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Dr. Bendle’s Quick and Easy Stretch and Strength Program

Congratulations! You are willing to make that little extra effort to stay well. This program requires some gentle discipline but will quickly show results. I know from professional and personal experience that people who invest in their health almost always reap the benefits.

Doing the program does not guarantee that you will never again experience spinal pain but you will be decreasing the chances of injuring yourself and minimize the effects of future injuries.

Designed for my patients and myself, I start every day with 15 minutes of stretching and do the core strength exercises at least three times a week. For best results, I recommend you do likewise.

If you are weak and have problems with equilibrium then some of these exercises may not work for you. If this is the case, simply ask for alternatives.

I cannot guarantee the safety of this program so if you have any concerns please discuss them with me or your regular health care provider.

Warmest regards and the best of health to you.

Dr. Roger Bendle

Some Simple Guidelines to get the most of this program….

  • Our motto is NO PAIN – NO PAIN – NO PAIN! If it hurts don’t do it and stop immediately. If you feel your body or muscles warming up just a little bit then you are getting a workout. It is extremely important that you do not strain or force any of the movements.
  • Stretches are easier to remember if they are done in the order shown. Eventually, you will not need to refer to the illustrations.
  • At first it may be easier to print the program and refer to the printed material.
    Stretches are held for only 20 to 60 seconds, on both sides and only need to be done once to have effect.
  • Ensure you breathe deeply and regularly as you take and hold each position.
    Your goal is not to stretch as far as me or even as far as you can but only to find a point of gentle tension that’s comfortable for you. This point is different for everyone.
  • Recommended equipment and attire: a soft carpet or yoga matte and loose fitting clothes.

In addition to stretching you will also do 2 other types of exercise consisting of:

  • Repetitive Movements – These movements are made continuously without stretching or holding the position. Each movement is repeated 10 times. Remember to limit the range of each movement to what is comfortable for you.
  • Core Strength Exercises – These movements are made continuously, without stretching, until they have been repeated up to 20 times. Do what you can at first without straining.