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Vancouver Chiropractor – Dr. Roger Bendle

Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Roger Bendle

Dr. Roger Bendle

Dr. Bendle has been in practice for over 20 years. He began his career studying sciences and marine biology at the University of Victoria. As much as he loved the ocean shores and all of its amazing creatures he realized that the life of a research scientist would not fulfill his need for more immediate work gratification. He continued his studies in sciences while exploring future career prospects. This wasn’t a quick and easy endeavor but finally the epiphany came. After completing his bachelor of science, he packed all his worldly belongings into a packsack and moved to Toronto to begin studies at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

To become a chiropractor one first needs the pre-med courses required by medical schools. Courses parallel medical studies with the exception of pharmacology and surgery. These courses are replaced with biomechanics, nutrition and of course the focus is primarily on the spine.

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In 1989, Dr. Bendle received his doctor of chiropractic and moved to Quebec City where he practiced, in French, for the next ten years. However, his dream was always to return to the West Coast and he moved back in the year 2000. Denman Place Chiropractic Clinic opened its doors in March of that year. The clinic has since evolved into the multidisciplinary center of healing that it is today.

Dr. Bendle has never lost his love of the sea. He still spends a great deal of his free time tinkering on his boat and exploring the BC coast.

Vancouver Chiropractor – Dr. Naoum Nounopoulos

Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Naoum Nounopoulos

Dr. Naoum Nounopoulos

My name is Dr. Naoum Nounopoulos. My path to chiropractic began in 1995. I had just graduated from the University of Manitoba with a science degree and was deciding what I wanted to do next when a meeting with my father’s chiropractor opened my eyes to the wonderful world of chiropractic.

I studied in Atlanta, Georgia for 4 years and upon graduation returned to my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba where I began practice as a locum doctor. Although happy to be home I had grown unaccustomed to the long cold winters and mosquito filled summers.

In 2003 my wife Michelle and I packed up the car and along with our Golden Retriever started our cross-country journey to Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Since arriving we have done a lot of hiking, tried snowboarding and also met some really great people. In 2006 our son was born and in 2009 we welcomed a baby girl to our family. In my ever decreasing spare time I enjoy playing badminton, working on computers and woodworking.

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. With the mountains and ocean practically in our backyard it’s very conducive to a wellness lifestyle.

Recently I joined the office at Denman Place Chiropractic in the West End. I look forward to growing a diverse practice and serving people in my community. My focus is on prevention and maintenance and my goal is to help people discover the benefits of chiropractic care. D.D Palmer, the founder of chiropractic used to say…”What a man does for himself dies with him, what he does for others lives on and on…”. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing peoples’ lives improve as they feel better, function more efficiently and take an active role in their health. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and see myself doing it for many years to come.

Someone once said, “Knowledge is Power”. My mission is to help people live better lives through chiropractic and to empower those people to take action not only in their lives but also in the lives of those around them.

Acupuncturist – Delphine Baumer

Vancouver Acupuncturist, Delphine Baumer

Delphine Baumer

After my first year at York University, in Health Sciences, I spent about five years traveling and working abroad where I gained an education that cannot be found in books. Eventually, I came back to Vancouver to pursue a career in Health Care. Because of my background in team sports, I originally thought Physiotherapy was my calling. So, I enrolled at Langara College in the Human Kinetics department where I earned a Diploma of Human Performance.

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Just as I was preparing my applications to transfer to UBC, I wrote a research paper which compared Eastern and Western Medicines. The more I read about the Eastern model, the more I fell in love with its Diagnostic system and Treatment procedures. I decided to change course and immediately enrolled at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver (ICTCMV). This is an intensive full time 3 year academic program with plenty of hands on experience. The diploma of acupuncture I have earned is recognized by the BC government and is covered by most insurance companies. I have written and passed the licensing examinations held by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of British Columbia (CTMABC).

The TCM model considers the patient as a whole, where every symptom can be related to another. The goal, using this form of medicine, is to help your body achieve balance from within, which then leads to the resolution of your symptoms. I love this method because we are not only dealing with superficial symptoms but are digging deeper to find root causes. The TCM model is based on the principle that our body is imbalanced due to various stressors. Over prolonged periods of imbalance, a variety of personalized symptoms/conditions will manifest. As a practitioner of TCM I use my skills in Acupuncture, Tui Na (TCM Massage), Cupping, and Moxibustion to help you regain and/or maintain balance. Under western terminology one might think of this as reaching a state of Homeostasis. I also have a strong passion for mental wellness. My approach is that our emotions play a central role to our overall health. Acupuncture can address some emotional issues and help break some cycles of behavior.

In my opinion, Eastern and Western medicines are examples of Yin and Yang energies. Where one system has weakness, the other system has strength. It is my vision to be a part of the movement where these two systems will hold hands. Ultimately, the goal is to provide you, the patient, the best possible care. You and I will work together to build your health, remove any blockages, restore, and maintain balance. Our mission will be to help you achieve physical as well as emotional health. Certainly, if you come to me for a sore ankle, your ankle will be the center of the treatment. However, I will be treating you as a whole and cater to your specific needs as an individual.

I look forward to meeting you and embarking on your journey of well being

Delphine R.Ac.

Massage Therapy – Kayla Ruddock RMT

Kayla is a gifted massage therapist who will support you in creating health and wellness in your life. She acknowledges that every person is different, which is why she tailors her treatments to suit each client’s individual needs and goals.

Robert Houston – Reception and Office Manager

Robert Houston

Robert Houston

Born in Ladysmith during the last Pacific Decadal Oscillation (we’re talking the cold and wet one that ended in 1975), I escaped to Vancouver as soon as I graduated from high school. Six years in Lotus Land was getting me nowhere so I took off for Toronto; ‘ enough said.

I married, attended U of T and Lakeshore Teachers’ College and taught for four years in Etobicoke and East York. Upon the birth of my son, the CBC Radio 2 producer, I moved to St. John’s-Kilmarnock School northwest of Guelph.

Five years later, my aspiring artist of a daughter arrived. Upon retirement I moved back to Paradise and began attending Dr. Bendle’s clinic. I became his indispensable manservant in July of 2007. As one falls into decrepitude, it is great to come into an office where you get to meet with a wonderful group of people and it don’t hurt if you’ve got a couple of chiropractors, an acupuncturist and a massage therapist to fall back on, too.

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L to R: Dr. Roger Bendle; Kaya Ruddock, RMT; Dr. N. Nounopoulos; Delphine Baumer, Registered Acupuncturist; and Danielle Evanoff, RMT.

L to R: Dr. Roger Bendle; Kaya Ruddock, RMT; Dr. N. Nounopoulos; Delphine Baumer, Registered Acupuncturist; and Danielle Evanoff, RMT.

Dr. Roger Bendle Vancouver Chiropractor

Dr. Roger Bendle of Denman Chiropractic Acupuncture & Massage

Kaya Ruddock

Kaya Ruddock, Registered Massage Therapist

Vancouver Chiropractor, Dr. Naoum Nounopoulos

Dr. N. Nounopoulos, Vancouver Chiropractor

Delphine Baumer R.Ac.

Delphine Baumer, Registered Acupuncturist

Danielle Evanoff

Danielle Evanoff, Registered Massage Therapist