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Stretches: Stretches 1 โ€“ 6 : Stretches 7 โ€“ 12 : Stretches 13 โ€“ 17

7. Spinal Cord Stretch
Drop head, shoulders and torso forward. Sometimes just dropping your head forward is enough. (Hold for 30 seconds)
8. Cobra
Gently arch back upwards. (Hold for 30 seconds)
9. Squat
Keep both feet flat on the ground. (Hold for 30 seconds)
10. Rotation
Knees slightly bent, rotate shoulders and torso left and right. (Repeat 10 times)
11. Side Bends
Slide hands along side of leg back and forth from right to left. (Repeat 10 times)
12. Chest Stretch
Clasp hands behind back and (Hold for 30 seconds)
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