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Stretches: Stretches 1 โ€“ 6 : Stretches 7 โ€“ 12 : Stretches 13 โ€“ 17

13. Shoulder Blade Stretch
Palms facing face, brings elbows towards each other. (Hold for 30 seconds)
14. Shoulder Rotations
Swing arm forward 10 times and then back 10 times in an exaggerated swimming form.

Easier Version: Smaller, slower shoulder rotations are an option if this stretch is uncomfortable.

15. Trapezius Stretch and Massage
Drop head gently to side while massaging tight areas of the muscle. (Hold for 30 seconds)
16. Neck Rotation
Look to right and left. (Repeat 10 times)
17. Neck Side Bending
Drop ear to right and then to left shoulder. (Repeat 10 times)