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Sun Salutation (optional advanced Yoga stretches)

Exercises 1 – 6 : Exercises 7 – 12

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POSITION SEVEN: Continue to inhale as you lower your pelvis to the floor. Stretch up your head, neck, and chest. Keep your elbows slightly bent and in toward your body.
POSITION EIGHT: Exhale. As before, press down on your palms and feet to lift your buttocks forming a triangle.
POSITION NINE: Inhale. Move your left foot forward between your hands, with your left knee touching your chest. The right leg is now stretched back, with your right knee on the floor.
POSITION TEN: Exhale. Bring your right foot forward to meet the left. Bring your feet together and straighten your knees as you stretch forward, as though touching your toes. Bend from your hips only as far as you feel comfortable.
POSITION ELEVEN: Inhale. Again lock your thumbs, stretch up and bend backward slightly, as in position two.
POSITION TWELVE: Exhale. Slowly bring your palms together in front of your chest. Relax.