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Sun Salutation (optional advanced Yoga stretches)

Exercises 1 – 6 : Exercises 7 – 12

This 12-position exercise can be a bit demanding for the novice. I recommend you start this one only after you have mastered the stretches and abdominal exercises. Start after about 3 months of regular stretching. Just like the stretches, don’t ask too much of yourself at first, start progressively. The idea is not to touch your toes, but to move your body back and forth rhythmically while controlling your breath. Each of these positions flow into the next – your goal is to make these transitions as smooth and natural as possible.

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POSITION ONE: Exhale. Stand up straight with your feet together. Bring your palms together in front of your chest.
POSITION TWO: Inhale. Lock your thumbs. Stretch out your arms in front of you. Watch your hands as you slowly raise your arms overhead. Bend backwards a little from the hips as you stretch.
POSITION THREE: Exhale. Fold forward slowly from your waist.
POSITION FOUR: Inhale. Bend your knees and place your palms alongside your feet. Stretch your left leg back, placing your left knee on the floor. Leave your right foot between your hands and bring your right knee to your chest. Look up.
POSITION FIVE: Exhale. Bring your right foot back to meet your left. Raise your buttocks so that your body now forms a triangle. Stretch your heels toward the floor and look at your feet.
POSITION SIX: Begin to inhale. Lower your knees, chest, and chin to the floor, leaving your pelvis slightly raised. Your palms are now beneath your shoulders, elbows close to your body and pointing upwards.
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